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Welcome to Residential Construction's online Builder's Risk REPORTING System!



Thank you for placing your Builder's Risk coverage with

Great American Insurance Group.


Effective October 21, 2020 Great American's Property & Inland Marine Division is under a moratorium for the state of COLORADO.

This moratorium impacts all Builder's Risk policies with coverages in the state of Colorado.  The following restrictions apply until further notice:

1.  Coverage may not be bound for risks within the state of Colorado.

2.  No changes may be made to existing in-force policies to add new locations / increase limits / add new coverages for locations in Colorado.

3.  Any exceptions to this should be referred to your underwriter.

We will honor all outstanding extensions as quoted and/or expired terms.  Any new business will not be bound in the impacted areas until this moratorium ends.

On Thursday, 10/08/2020, Customers began experiencing issues while using the Property & Inland Marine Builder's Risk applications, and

A new Google Chrome browser version was released that is impacting some features and functionality within the applications.

At this time, the recommendation is to use either the INTERET EXPLORER (IE) or Mozilla Firefox browsers.  You may experience some slowness, however there should be no loss of functionality.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Technicians have identified the issue with Chrome and are working on a solution to repair it.

If you continue to encounter issues, please contact the Customer Care Center at 800-543-1150 or 513-369-3663. You may also email for assistance.


Feel free to call any one of us in the Residential Construction group with questions:


    Lorin Rogers – 513.412.4600

       Theresa Winter – 513.345.6415

Eli Frazier - 513.412.0387

         Julie Tomlinson – 513.412.4921

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