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Moratorium - United States Wildfires

Effective immediately, we have suspended binding for ALL Builder's Risk new business and changes to existing policies for locations

within 50 miles of active wildfires within the states of:





Please contact your underwriter with any questions.

All interests in these areas should continue to monitor wildfires closely and make necessary preparations.

Please advise your clients in the affected areas to take necessary action to protect their construction sites and move property out of restricted zones.



Thank you for quoting, binding & issuing your

Residential and Lite Commercial Builder's Risk policies with

Great American Insurance Group.

Feel free to call any one of us in the Residential Construction team with questions:

  Chris Koepfer – 513.412.1752

Adam Porter – 513.412.4923

Theresa Winter – 513.345.6415

Lindsay Haas – 513.412.4038

Julie Tomlinson – 513.412.4921 




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